Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dress Up Fox

Around this time of year, we have the pleasure of hearing the leaders of our church speak to us in something we call General Conference. As you can imagine, sometimes its difficult to keep children quiet/busy while the parents try to listen to the two - 2 hour long sessions. :)

This year unlike years past I was actually prepared with a special bucket for Miss E filled with activities to keep her busy and another little something that she was pretty excited about...

Dress Up Fox!

Why is it so fun making little clothes??

To make the felt board: I  first drew up a fox and clothes patterns. I then cut out and sewed the fox to a long piece of felt and wrapped it around a piece of sturdy cardboard, gluing it into place. I inserted the felt board into one of my daughter's old picture frames and cut out some outfits out of vintage fabric backed with felt. 

I added a small pocket in the back that Miss E could put all the little pieces in when she is finished playing because lets be honest, those little pieces would totally get lost in a heartbeat if I hadn't. 

(Be sure to sew the pocket on before gluing down the felt piece to the back)

It's sure to keep your little one busy for at least a little while... ;)

Happy Crafting!

Love, Sierra


Kady said...

This is super cute!

Whitney Lane said...

This is the most adorable idea ever! I came across it on Pinterest and couldn't help but try it out myself. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Jenna said...

I die of cuteness!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

I have completely fallen in love with you, your lovely blog and Ms. Fox.

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