Monday, December 12, 2011

Guest Post: Que Linda

I am so excited to introduce to you today Janny from Que Linda! I cannot say enough about what a talented lady Janny is! I am so excited that she is sharing her fabulous tutorial with us!

Hello everyone at Blue Robin Cottage!  My name is Janny and you can usually find me crafting and sewing over at my little corner of blog world, Que Linda.  Come on over to see what I've been creating lately.

I'm so happy to be here today with you to share these three white trees I made for Christmas.  Thanks Sierra for letting me take over today!  Ever since I found Blue Robin Cottage, I've been obsessed.  Sierra has wonderful projects that just keep on inspiring.

that's me!
Okay, back to these cute little trees. 

I love this trend- I hope it never goes out.  I saw this tree at Anthropologie and was hooked! 

The price tag says $ way!  I could do this by myself easy.
I thought maybe 3 book page trees would be overkill though.  I decided to make each tree out of a different material to add some interest.  I chose coffee filters, lace, and of course, book pages.

First up- Book Page Tree {Anthropologie Knock-off}
1.)  Cut the book pages into different sized squares using zig-zag scissors.  
2.) Stack the squares into a pyramid to make it easier to piece together later.  
3.) Cut circles out of cardboard to glue between the sheets. 
4.) Use craft glue to glue together the 5 biggest squares and then glue down a piece of cardboard, then glue 5 squares on top of that, then glue a piece of cardboard down... you get the idea.  
I wish I could say this was a cinch, but I should divulge to you that this tree took a very long time, but I think it was worth it!  I keep walking into the room just to sneak a peak.

Next-  Lacy Tree

1.) You will need 2 different kinds of lace trim and a styrofoam tree from the craft store (I bought this one at the dollar store)
2.) Using hot glue take the first trim and wrap it around the styrofoam tree leaving space between each layer.
3.) Wrap the second piece of lace around the tree in the spaces left between the first trim of lace.  
4.) Hide ends under the layers of lace.

Last- Coffee Filter Tree

1.) You will need coffee filters and a styrofoam tree.
2.) Cut a hole through the middle of a few coffee filters.
3.) Glue each layer around the tree.

The lace and coffee filter trees took a total of 20 minutes combined.  Easy and cheap.  That's a recipe for a great project if you ask me!

The Anthropologie knock off still has a special place in my heart. Sniff

Just check out those details.

The different shades of white make each tree pop when they're all together.  I love it!

Thanks for letting me stop by and Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much Janny for visiting and sharing your absolutely gorgeous trees with us all! Be sure to visit Janny at Que Linda and see all the other fabulous projects she has been working on!


Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Adorable! That anthro knock off was definitely time well spent. Its fantastic! I love this little eclectic collection! :)

Kyra said...

I totally didn't know the one was made out of coffee filters until I read the tutorial! Very pretty. And the book page one turned out so good! I really love the look of it.

Ruth said...

Such cute trees. I can't afford Anthropologie but they do have awesome things to inspire us.

Michelle said...

They are all so great, I love the book page one the best. Thanks for sharing the tutorials :)

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