Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Button Necklace

Because I'm feeling all lovely dovey lately, I've decided to share with you my very first Valentine's tutorial with you! Are you excited?! I am! :) And you might just learn a few embroidery skills as well... ;)

Today I'm sharing my Embroidered Button Heart Necklace tutorial with you...
 Let's get started!

To make this cute necklace you will need:

* Cover button kit (I used the 7/8" size)

* Solid cotton fabric

* Embroidery floss

* Small embroidery hoop

* Embroidery needle

* Scissors

* Necklace chain

* Fabric marker

Step 1: Cut out the button pattern on the back of your cover button kit.

Step 2: Trace your button pattern onto your fabric with your fabric marker.

Step 3: Draw your heart in the center of the circle.

Step 4: Place your fabric piece into your embroidery hoop. Make sure its nice an taut. 

Step 5: Thread your embroidery needle and stitch around the heart.

I'm going to teach you one of my favorite stitches called the "stem stitch."

 Here's how:

1. Pull your threaded needle up through the fabric

2. Pull your needle down through the fabric about a grain of rice length away from where you came up

3. Come up again through the middle of the stitch you just made and start the process over again until you come to the end of the heart.

4. Tie off at the back.

Step 6: Once you've finished embroidering your heart, cut out your circle.

Step 7: Take your button shell and center it on your fabric circle.

Step 8: Put the button shell and fabric into the button mold.

Step 9: Tuck fabric into the shell.

Step 10: Place button back on top and push down with your finger or the blue pusher included in your button kit.

Step 11: Unmold and...


Now put your necklace chain right through the loop on the back of your button so you can wear it!

I hope you all are having a very lovely Tuesday thus far!! I'm off to Idaho for a week and a half!! I'm so excited!! :)

Happy Crafting!

Love, Sierra


Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Super cute and sweet!

Pitter and Glink said...

What a fun project! Thanks for sharing. :)

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