Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm still alive...I promise!! My OB told me I was anemic a couple weeks ago.

Ohhhhhh thats why I've been so tired...it all makes sense now... ;)

The doc loaded me up on some iron pills and sent me on my merry way.

Hopefully I'll be returning to my old self again soon.

Little Miss was invited to a few parties over the summer and I made these sweet dollies...

 I'm kind of in love with this girl's fringy boots...I want a pair in real life...
 Retro housewife dolly...

Little Miss's birthday is this week and I finally finished her birthday doll...

I used adorable Sarah Jane Fabric "Children At Play." The scotty doggie pattern is from HERE. 

My AC went out this past weekend. Of course it was the very same weekend my mom and sister were visiting. Doesn't that always happen? 
So we've been sitting in this hotel for the past couple of days because its about 100 degrees in my house and 100 degrees + a pregnant women does not mix. Today is the day the new AC unit is going to be installed! Hooray!!! :) Wish us luck! ;)

Happy Crafting!

Love, Sierra


seniorpal said...

Sierra sorry about anemic, I know about that myself (72) Hot weather does;nt help either. You just take care & follow Doc's orders??? Get sleep hard I know. We are here when you can Love & Prayers.

I would love to make dolls ? maybe a small simple one at first. I donate & these would be sweet surprise. Thank Susan M. J

seniorpal said...

Sierra I did'nt read all of blog to know your pregnant??/ No wonder your anemic!! Take double per caution then? I wish you the best and hope Mom and sisters visit was peaceful?? I would Die if ours went out, hubby would not go to hotel?? XXXXXXOOOOOOOO Lit'l Mommie

One bolt short of a toolbox said...

Cute dolls, hope you feel better soon!

Jan @Door251.com

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