Friday, March 23, 2012

Polka Dot Corkboard

Once upon a time...we went to IKEA with 15 minutes until closing...

I know what your thinking...why?

And all I can say is...I have no idea. But I was somehow able to get everything on my list! It must be some kind of miracle or we were really fast at navigating our way through the never ending maze of confusion. 

In the last 5 minutes, I spotted a $5 cork board and grabbed it!

It was kind of a boring cork board but I kept thinking in my mind: "I can use this!" <---Mr. H says this is my favorite catch phrase about everything along with: "I can make that!" 

I started doing a preschool co-op with a sweet friend (it is so awesome-I would highly recommend it) and I wanted to put all the cute artwork we do with the girls on it so...

First, I taped off and painted the frame grey. Then, I made a paper polka dot template and used a sponge brush to stencil the yellow dots on.

I know I've shared with you my obsession with vintage spools. I found the idea to convert vintage spools into thumbtack spools HERE.

I think its kind of fun! Plus it displays my vintage maps quite nicely! :)

Not to mention all the cute toddler art we will be featuring on it...

Happy Crafting!

Love, Sierra

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Shug said...

So cute and what a neat way to decorate a board. BTW, I really like the spools.
Visiting from over at Brenda's...hope you will stop by and visit me soon.

Cozy Little House said...

Very cute! We don't have an IKEA in our entire state. Boo!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Very cute!! Its amazing what a little paint can do. I love the spool push pins!

St. Michael's Wife said...

Absolutely adorable! I, too, love, love, love vintage spools! I usually have mine tossed into a clear, glass container, but your thumbtacks are a great idea!


Janny said...

I love how you used the spools for pins. That's a very cute idea

Nat and Holly said...

This is so cute!! And I totally relate to the last 15 minutes of a store being open... now, I don't know if I'd dare try that at IKEA but props to you! And this is about the stinkin' cutest bulletin board I've ever seen, the spools are genious!

Kelley @ said...

Hi! Visiting from tt&j. First.. how did you make it through IKEA that fast?! Im amazed!! Second.. I love your cork board! It came out great! I was looking for some corkboard inspiration.. thank you :)

Im going to poke around your site a little more.. I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party! :)

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

This is a great project! Would you consider linking it up to my Pinworthy Projects Linky Party over at Just Us Four?

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