Saturday, April 21, 2012

Felt Sugar Cookies

My daughter loves to serve food to me from her play kitchen. I sit my large pregnant self at her little IKEA chair and table and she mixes up concoctions like lemonade with eggs and salt in it, pancakes and of course yummy sandwiches. 

When she started pretending that certain foods were cookies because she didn't have any pretend ones, I took it as a hint that I should whip up some easy felt ones.

Here's the How-To:


*Felt- you can use any kind (I have a combination of eco felt that you can purchase from the craft store and wool felt that you can purchase HERE

*Sprinkles (tiny beads found at the craft store)

*Embroidery Floss


*Regular All Purpose Thread

*Poly Fil


*Fabric marker


1. Find something in your home that makes a circle shape for the size cookies and frosting you want. I used different sized drinking glasses. You'll need two cookie circles and one frosting circle per cookie. Trace with a fabric marker and cut out with scissors.

2. Hand sew your tiny "sprinkles" onto your frosting circle.

3. Sew your frosting onto the top layer of the cookie. I sewed mine on with my sewing machine but you can hand stitch it as well. :)

4. Take your bottom cookie piece, line it up with the top cookie piece and blanket stitch around the edge, leaving a small gap to stuff your cookie.

5. Fill with a little bit of poly fil and blanket stitch the gap closed.  

And you have a lovely treat that is good enough to eat...or at least to pretend to... ;)

If your giving them as a gift, you can put them in a little bakery box and tie them up with some pretty bakers twine. :)

Happy crafting!

Love, Sierra


Crystal said...

These are so cute! I need to start a felt food collection!

seniorpal said...

They look delicious?,Adozen / 1/2 dozen?? & put a few OF Felt on top?? Im a little goofy. I need small projects to give to people who offer to pick up a donation Box of homemade items , I appreciate that so a cut Thank You?
Thank you I'll start today as minnesota is cool & rainy. LOL

Nat and Holly said...

These are adorable Sierra!! I love the detail of the tiny beads as sprinkles. Just beautiful! Thanks again for your post on Friday... things were a little crazy at SNAP that day so I didn't email you back, but I just want you know that we adore you and can't wait to do more things together in the future :)

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