Friday, December 9, 2011

Anthro Kids Tea and Crumpets Apron Knock Off

I'm so excited to share my first Christmas gift tutorial with you! I had the wonderful opportunity to share this project over at The Scrap Shoppe Homemade Christmas event a few weeks ago. If you would like to see the original post, you can click HERE.

Its safe to say that Santa and I are on a first name basis and he may have let it slip that he's bringing my little gal a play kitchen for Christmas. When I saw this at my very favorite store on earth, I thought it might make the perfect addition to a little kitchen:
Feast your eyes on this adorable mini Anthropologie Tea and Crumpets apron. Instead of buying one, I decided to make my own version!

To make a little apron you'll need some fabric, pins and some scissors.

1. First cut out your pieces. My measurements were for my 2 year old daughter so they may differ for your child. I cut out a 7 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches wide square for the top apron piece. The waist piece was 2 1/2 by 10 inches and the bottom apron piece was 11 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches.

2. Take your top apron piece and hem on both sides as well as the top, leaving the bottom raw edge alone.

3. Cut 3 strips of fabric. Hem the sides of the strips and the top for a clean edge.

4.  Ruffle your strips of fabric by pushing the strips through your sewing machine faster than it can sew to create nice pleats.

5. Place, pin and sew your ruffles onto your top apron piece.

6. To make your pipping, cut 2, 1 inch strips. The strips need to be a little longer than your waist piece. Fold in half and press

7. Pin your pipping piece onto the bottom of your top apron piece.

8. Hem your waist piece- I hemmed mine about a 1/2 inch on each side.

9. Pin your waist piece to your pipping and sew across the top.

10. Attach your second piece of pipping to the bottom half of the waist strip.

11. Pleat the top of your bottom apron piece.

12. Sew the bottom apron piece onto the waist piece.

13. Cut 2, 3 inch strips of fabric for your neck straps, fold in half and press.

14. Sew down the edge, creating a tube and turn inside out. Press.

15. Pin and sew onto both sides of the top part of the apron.

16. Make your own ruffle or use store bought trim and pin onto the bottom of your apron and sew. Make sure your raw edges match up.

17. Sew a top stitch along the bottom edge to create a nice finished look.

18. For the waist ties, follow the same steps you did on the neck ties but make them longer and as wide as your waist piece. Sew them onto the waist piece and...

Your finished! Phew! 

You can add a little pocket and embellish it any way you want! :)

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Unknown said...

This is lovely, and I want one! So cute. Looks like we both share a love of imitating Anthro:)

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

I adore this apron, Sierra!! Your little girl is going to flip. :) Thank you again for sharing during my Christmas party!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Wow! What an incredible job you did. I really like the personal touch with your daughter's initial. Very nice job indeed.

Ashleigh said...

I absolutely HAVE to make this for my 2 year old niece for Christmas! Add it to the list :)

Beth @ The Goad Abode said...

looks great! i really like the addition of the monogram :) thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites!! Pinning this for the day I finally learn to sew :). I can't get enough of the cuteness!!

Thanks for coming by 52mantels! I decided to answer your question from my Christmas Tree Wreath project here ( I got the tiny ornaments at hobby lobby years (and years) ago. They used to be for a small kitchen tree, but this year I repurposed. I'm glad you like the project! :)

EvA. . . said...

oh my gosh, amazing! i love the way it turned out! very cute, good job :) saw your tutorial over at my friend Dondi's blog. so i decided to come, visit you and take a peek into your cute blog! yay following along!!! i would love if you came over to my blog and joined the Sunday Social link party :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! This exact apron is on my wishlist ( this year. Now I just want to make one!

Taylor said...

OMG, this is about the cutest thing ever! Thanks for sharing!!!

Sundi @ The Life of a Cheap Chickadee said...

I WANT ONE!!! This is my favorite apron on earth! I can't believe you made it, it looks EXACTLY like the original! Great job, I will definitely be making one.

Abbie said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! I need to remember this for when my little girl gets a little older!

I would be thrilled if you would link this up at my very first Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL...going on right now (250 + links and growing...can you tell I'm excited??! : ))

~Abbie (

Natalie - Hazel and Agnes said...

Good god this is adorable! Thanks!!

Savanah said...

What an adorable tutorial!! I'm definitely thinking Mommy and Me :)

La Petite Mango said...

Oh I have been wanting to make my own anthro apron for ages. Thanks so much for this tutorial!

The Hargretts said...

Hello!! I'm super excited to make this apron for two of my friends about to have little girls. I have one quick question though... what type of faboric did you use?

Nicole Smith said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I would love to make an adult version too, any tips for the conversion?

Agent Kat said...

Hi! This is so adorable, I can't wait to make it this week! How much fabric did you use for your two-year-old daughter? Mine is the same age :) Thanks!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

This is gorgeous. I stumbled upon your miss fox doll and now have become quite taken with the rest of your creations as well. You are one talented lady. Thanks for sharing.

CaSandra said...

Our daughter is OBSESSED with this apron; curious if there was a POSSIBILITY of hiring you to make one for her! Do you have your own Etsy shop? THANKS!

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