Friday, September 30, 2011


 I am all about presentation. I love when I get a gift and its wrapped pretty or has a homemade card. It just makes me smile. :) So when I give gifts or treats to other people, I like to present it to them in a unique and interesting way. I think some people feel like presentation is a lot of work but there are simple things you can do to kick your gift up a notch. Today I was focusing on the presentation of these cake pops:

I bought a jar from Michaels for $1.99, took a square of canvas and put it underneath the lid, screwed it on and cut a little piece of jute rope to tie around it. You could totally stop there and it would give your treat jar a little bit of whimsy but I decided to stitch the person's initial I am giving this to on the top of the canvas. Just a little sweet personal touch I wanted to add for fun. :)

Don't you just love cake balls?! They are so yummy! I love the pink color of these! The jar is a great way to show them off. :)
What is your favorite way of presenting a gift? :)


Alex said...

Love it! I love cake balls. They're so easy and so cute! Not to mention delicious. ;) Love the presentation. Too cute. I'm jealous of the receiver ;) lol

Erin said...

I really appreciate nice gift presentation because I'm terrible at doing it. It's usually because I'm not prepared! :) Do you have any tips for good supplies to keep on hand, Sierra? I recently bought baker's twine in several colors as I attempt to create a packaging/wrapping stash...

Erin said...

And, yes, your cake balls are flippin' adorable! Delicious, too, I bet. :)

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