Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For The Love Of Aqua!

Its no secret, I'm obsessed with vintage blue mason jars. Just check out my mason jar board on Pinterest. The only problem was, I couldn't find any under the perfect conditions. When I would find some beautiful vintage blue mason jars for a great price, the shipping costs were outrageous. When I found a mason jar with an economical shipping price, it was gone before I could blink an eye! I was so determined to find just one mason jar, I looked almost everyday. I even searched on craigslist! I finally asked my peeps on FB, to see if anyone had seen any mason jars for a great price or if they knew where I might find them. My sweet aunt responded and told me she had some my great grandmother gave her that she would give to me. I was so over-the-moon excited, I could hardly contain myself! I was so honored she would share these gorgeous mason jars with me, I just couldn't believe it!

Feast your eyes on these beauties...

The jars didn't have lids, so I found these original zinc and milk glass vintage mason jar lids on Ebay for around $9. There were 12 of them.
I have so many fun projects in mind for these guys! I can't wait!! :)

This week my chevron rug finally came! I was a little taken aback by the actual color of the rug. This was the color advertised online:
And this is what it looked like when I pulled mine out of the box:

Very aqua right? Its so funny how different the picture was online! I realize this often happens, you can never really be too sure of a color when looking at a picture online. I think the color is growing on me, plus, if I want to exchange it for the grey version, I have to wait until December! I guess the rug is popular because I had this one on preorder for several weeks! The rug definitely doesn't match my chevron pillows I made so what I'm wondering....keep or not to keep....that is the question....

Here's a little sneak peek of the pillows:

I might just have to move them up to my bedroom. :)

Happy Crafting! :)

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