Friday, July 1, 2011


Maybe when you hear that word and old granny in a rocking chair in the 1800s comes to mind but I am truly obsessed with it! Not only is it so economical, its so fun! Fun, you ask? Yes! It is! Especially when I get inspiration like this:

Are you totally swooning over these?! So Anthropologie! As you know, I'm a nerd and drafted up my dream gallery wall on paper the other day and included was two of these beautiful embroidered works of art. I'm not an amazing embroiderer by any means, but I enjoy it and I figure if I keep at it, I'll get better and better. :)

So this is what I copy cated from that inspiration:

Like I said, not perfect but I think that is what makes it interesting! :) Wouldn't these make cool wedding gifts? I'm totally all about these! 

If I've got you all excited about embroidery, then let me let you in on a little secret...

You can pick up a stack of flour sack tea towels at Walmart for $4 and embroider those for a first project.  They are so fun and you can actually use them!

Here's one I did a couple months ago:
I got the pattern from Sublime Stitching, they kind of put a modern twist on embroidery. Such a great resource, if you are looking to learn how to embroider. Also a wealth of information is Needle N Thread. She has some awesome video tutorials on all the different stitches. Are you stoked about embroidery yet?! :) I think you should go to the store and get some needles, thread and a hoop. ;)

Happy Crafting! 

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